Acelec Engineering (AE) is a company with a history of innovation in many fields within the world of acoustics and electronic design. In the audio industry AE is primarily known today for its research and development of dac chips . In the  field electrostatic speakers their experience dates back to 1989 and gradually over time broader electronic applications have evolved.

A diverse range of acoustic system products have been created during this period, always relying  on solid natural laws. Digital signal processing has played a significant role in more recent developments however  AE is still working on developments related to acoustic systems and experiences in both fields can be applied for future products

From a digital point of view acoustic problems seems easy to solve, but in practice this is partly true. Problems arise by using cheap materials  are  never compensable in the digital domain. Therefore a good analogue design is still a solid base on which any digital corrections can take place. Therefore we have decided to go back to our roots and to develop a new line of acoustic products.

Not only we will focus on manufacturing of complete high-quality sound systems , but on a broader base our knowledge will be used for new OEM components that can be used in many applications, both for domestic use and for use in recording studios. It will be a new and exciting period in which new products will see the light.

Your sincerely

Cees Ruijtenberg

Acelec Engineering
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