How to order.

The Acelec products can be ordered directly  via email:

For the invoice we need the following information:

1  Company name ( If relevant )

2  Name / surname

3  Address ( postal code, city, country )

4  Type of product. ( color and mains voltage)

(additional info for custom made products)

5  phone number ( only used for delivery )
Based on color or special product versions it can happen that one of the models is not in stock. In that case we give you an approximation of lead time and ask you for permission to deliver the product on a later date.

The invoice (charge for shipping is included ) is send by mail en should be paid in advance.

Shipment will be insured and  registered , with conformation of receipt

Paypal payment fees on total amount: + 3.4%

IBAN : no extra charge

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