Acelec Model Two

This compact Monitor has been developed alongside industry professionals. Itís been specifically designed and engineered, to meet the challenges of high-demand environments that recording engineers, mixers, producers and editors work in every day. Like our Model One the cabinet is constructed with 15mm bituminized aluminium. To gain the highest performance from our cabinet, each driver has been carefully selected, to achieve maximum acoustical response. The combination of carefully selected transducers, together with a very rigid housing, provides hours of pinpoint imaging and detail - without listener fatigue. In short, these speakers are extraordinary and deliver a level of performance/accuracy - that vanishingly few two-way designs can match.†

Based on color and model choice, production runs are limited to ensure the highest quality control. In the event that your choice is not available, we will provide an approximate lead time for delivery.

Purchasing :
Your order will be confirmed upon payment of Invoice (shipping included) and receipt provided. Shipment will be insured and registered with tracking notification.

Price pair  (standard version in silver or black) on request.

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